Content Marketing; No matter what your brand may be, having fun with it can be an important part of engaging customers and prospective customers. If you’re looking to find ways to add fun to your content marketing, look no further than this article on how to add fun to your content marketing. With the help of these seven tips, you’ll have more fun producing content that helps people get to know your brand while keeping them entertained and interested in what you have to say. Here are 7 Ways to Add Fun to Your Content Marketing!


1) Go in with a plan

Don’t get stuck with a plan that includes a solid concept and nothing else. Make sure you have enough time for brainstorming, research, experimenting and play. You don’t want to spend all your resources on one or two ideas that just aren’t working. If you feel like you need more than an hour a day for creating content, remember that quality is better than quantity. You can always start at a later date after you think of some good concepts! And don’t be afraid of taking risks; if something doesn’t work out, it was still fun! The most successful businesses in history came about by people trying out crazy new things. What could be crazier than going into business for yourself?


2) Use humour sparingly

It’s tempting to include a little humour, especially if you have a more formal style of writing. But make sure it aligns with your company voice. If you wouldn’t write hahahahaha in an email, don’t do it in your content marketing either. That said, using fun facts or statistics can be fun and interesting; just make sure they are relevant to your business and useful for your readers. And remember: never take yourself too seriously! After all, boring people don’t get very far. 😛


3) Test, then iterate

Coming up with content ideas is easy; you’ve probably got hundreds of them. The challenge is figuring out which of your ideas are going to work and which are destined for failure. To guarantee that you’re always creating content people want, come up with a few different ideas, then test them by making small changes and trying out different things. You can’t know if an idea will work until you test it—and nothing helps you learn better than trial and error. When it comes to adding fun to your content marketing, keep experimenting; be ready to change things if they aren’t getting traction. Above all else, remember that consistency will help establish your brand’s identity—and delivering consistently interesting content will turn customers into loyal followers who look forward to seeing what’s next from you!


4) Don’t get stuck in a one-size-fits-all strategy

Whether you’re creating video, audio, text or images for your content marketing strategy, each format is best suited for different purposes. While it might be easy to settle on a single medium and produce content exclusively in that form, consider adding another. For example, if you write engaging articles regularly for your website or guest post on blogs around your niche every month, why not try recording some short how-to videos? It’s a fun way to break up your routine while attracting more people to your writing.


5) Know when to stop

It’s easy to get lost in your content world—trying every social media platform, writing thousands of articles and producing several videos a week. It might be tempting to continue expanding your reach, but it’s important not to forget why you started out on your journey in the first place. If you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed by all of your other marketing responsibilities, ask yourself if it’s time for a break. Remember that although putting together content can be a lot of fun, everyone needs a break from time-to-time! Take some time off from creating new content and do something else that brings you happiness—even if it means ignoring your audience for a few days.


6) Don’t compromise on quality

This is one of my favourite pieces of advice for content marketing, and I always try to adhere to it. The problem with most content marketing – even much of that which is created by big brands – is that it tends toward boring. If you’re serious about your business and want your brand to get noticed, stick out from competitors and gain authority, then don’t compromise on quality.


7) Keep it fresh

One thing marketers have learned over time is that there’s a thin line between effective content and copycat material. While there’s nothing wrong with borrowing ideas or inspiration from other companies, doing so without a nod of credit will eventually hurt your brand’s reputation. Instead, find unique ways to bring energy and vibrancy into your marketing messages; people remember those who stand out most.

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