Are you trying to figure out how to earn money online? You’re not alone—online income earning opportunities are widely available, and it’s hard to know which opportunities are legitimate and which ones aren’t. It’s also important to choose the ways you earn money online wisely, because if you don’t, you could waste your time or even be putting yourself at risk of identity theft or other scams that prey on people looking to make some extra cash.


1) Have a plan

The first step to getting paid for doing what you love is having a plan. That may sound simple, but in reality it’s a bit more complicated. If you’re starting a business, it’s important to break your idea down into a specific plan of action. For instance, if you want to write and sell an e-book on entrepreneurship, break down how you’ll create an outline, find topics that interest people who could purchase your book, conduct research and interviews with experts in the field and finally write your content. Once you’ve written an outline of how you’ll get started as an entrepreneur (which will guide your future steps), make sure you know where all of your time goes each day so you can better allocate it once work begins.


2) Grow your audience

You can’t earn a living (or make any money) online if no one knows who you are. Building your audience is key to making money through sponsored posts and affiliate marketing, so it’s important that you try a few different tactics right off the bat. Look for places where your target market already hangs out—like Facebook groups, Instagram accounts with similar interests, or blogs related to your niche—and comment on their posts regularly. One great way to grow an audience quickly is through Instagram; find users in your industry or niche and try engaging with them regularly.


3) Start with social media

Make a habit of connecting with people on LinkedIn and Twitter. The next time you find yourself in a conversation, ask yourself if there’s a way to take it from digital to real life. Chances are, there is. Start out slowly—maybe offer up your services for free. If that goes well, try charging for your time or expertise, taking care not to charge more than what’s reasonable for your industry and field. Once you’ve nailed down how much someone will pay you for an hour of your time (or how much of a cut you’ll take from each service), go ahead and do some gigs! Take on side jobs so you can focus on building up your business when you’re not working a full-time job.


4) Try direct sales

Direct sales are a great way to make some extra cash. It’s simple, and doesn’t require a lot of upfront capital, making it an appealing option for those looking for part-time or supplemental income. And thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, direct sales has never been easier; people you know can see your posts and they may decide they want in on what you have to offer. Plus, many of these companies allow you to sell their products on commission or even let you build a team that sells their stuff as well! Check out direct sales opportunities including Pampered Chef or Thirty-One Gifts!


5) Sell other people’s products

Starting an e-commerce website is challenging, but can be worth it if you’re planning on selling products for a long time. If that’s not something you want to do, consider simply selling other people’s products on your own site. You can sell items from lots of companies — from Apple to Zappos. If it can be shipped and sold online, you can likely list it on Ebay or Amazon.


6) Sell affiliate products

You can build an effective affiliate marketing business by tapping into your personal network, or you can contact companies directly and ask if they’re willing to hire affiliates. If you’re in a relevant niche, company representatives may be willing to work with you as a paid affiliate. Never spam or troll forums and communities though—you’ll just come across as spammy and desperate. Use value-driven headlines that clearly show what benefit your content offers and why readers should click through. Keep it short but descriptive, and include multiple links to your product so people will click them.


7) Use Clickbank

When it comes to making serious income from your home, Clickbank is one of my favorite sites. They have over 100,000 digital products for sale and sell millions of those products per month. You don’t even need a website or product of your own to make money with Clickbank! Simply sign up for an account and browse their marketplace. Click on a product that interests you and find out if they have a special offer (they usually do). If they do, claim that offer using your affiliate link and make money every time someone buys something from them through your link! There’s no easier way to begin earning substantial passive income at home while only putting in part-time hours than with Clickbank.


8) Get paid for your skills

There are all sorts of websites that let you do your thing—take photographs, write a poem, edit video—and get paid for it. Fiverr is one example of an online marketplace that lets you get paid by doing just about anything if you’re willing to do it for $5. With Fiverr Pro , which charges $20 per gig (with some additional pro features), you can build a dedicated following and make more in return. If there’s one skill you have (photography, writing) try using these sites to get some experience and put your skills on display. Who knows? You could turn them into a lucrative career!


9) Write articles and get paid

Writing for blogs is a great way to get paid for your writing, but you don’t have to write just articles. Consider writing short stories, comic books, and web content. Websites like Textbroker accept applications from writers of all levels looking for work in a wide variety of categories and pay between $5 and $100 per submission depending on length. If you’re an expert in something specific—like fashion, travel or technology—you can find work writing reviews on these topics as well.


10) Don’t try too many at once

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying too many new things at once. If you’re starting a brand-new business, focus on that—don’t add a new side business or vice versa. Similarly, if you’re working on losing weight, don’t take up a full-time job and sign up for any marathon training programs right off the bat. Instead, prioritize one goal at a time—and give it 100 percent attention until it’s accomplished before moving on to anything else. Every effort deserves your best effort! To lose weight safely but quickly…Focus all your efforts into losing fat and use your free time to get in better shape.

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