Many people with websites have the same question: how do I get my website published? Whether you need to create your own website or republish an existing one, there are several different ways to accomplish your goals. While some methods work better than others, all of them are relatively easy and inexpensive to pull off. If you follow these easy tips on how to get your website published, you’ll be able to do so in no time at all!


Step 1: Make sure you have a professional looking design

No one wants to look at a disorganized or amateurish design. If you have an idea of what you want, hire a web designer. If not, use something like Canva to create a layout and choose colors that stand out and convey professionalism. Your header is especially important so make sure it stands out on any page where it appears, but also takes up little space to give your content room to shine. Make sure you have a logo as well. The best logos are simple and memorable, often in black and white. You can find free logo templates online or pay for custom designs if you need them. For more information about creating a professional looking website check out our previous post: How to Create A Professional Looking Website In 5 Easy Steps


Step 2: Pick keywords that people will use when searching for your content

Rather than writing for search engines, focus on creating content that people will find useful. Pick keywords that are related to your target market and content. If you don’t know what words to pick, use Google AdWords or SEMrush to do some research on common terms related to your topic of choice. Write down at least five target keywords—ideally, one keyword per sentence in your post—and then go back through and make sure they appear naturally in text (don’t force them into awkward places).


Step 3: Submit to as many directories as possible

Submit to directories where you’re listed. If they take guest posts, submit it there as well. Here is a list of over 1,100 places you can submit your post to. Remember to personalize each submission and include a link back to your site at the end.


Step 4: Update regularly and get noticed

If you really want to be a blogger, it’s not enough to just create one or two posts and then go silent. You should work on your blogging regularly, but don’t forget that like everything else in life you need to give yourself a break from time to time. Building up too much pressure on yourself can lead to anxiety which will affect both how fast you can get things done and how well you can do them.


Step 5: Use social media!

Now that you’ve got a shiny new business card, and some killer content to put on it, it’s time to start networking. Social media is where things really get interesting, especially in B2B marketing—but more on that later.


Step 6: Start an email list

Your content is excellent. You’ve mastered a variety of SEO techniques, and you’re starting to gain a following on social media. But did you know that one of the most effective ways to reach readers is through email? If you want your content to reach more people, consider building an email list—and then work to grow it every single day.

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