You want to make money online, but what are the best ways to earn extra cash? In this article, we’ll explore 20 different ways you can earn some extra income. Some of these methods are passive, meaning they can be automated to run on their own while you enjoy your newfound time off. Others require more direct effort on your part, but can still be effective and lucrative if done properly. If you’re ready to start earning some cash online, let’s get started!


Sign up for paid surveys

You can also sign up for paid surveys. Many survey companies will not necessarily hire you but they will add your email address to a database that other businesses, who have agreed to pay for your opinion, use. So, if after doing a few paid surveys you don’t get one that makes you want to jump for joy, remember it is just a matter of time. But be patient and wait until an offer comes along that is what you are looking for.


Use Swagbucks search engine

Swagbucks is a website that gives you points or Swagbucks for doing everyday things like shopping, watching videos, discovering deals and more. You can then redeem those Swagbucks for gift cards to places like Amazon and Starbucks, or get cash back from PayPal. The site also features exclusive rewards you won’t find anywhere else. Another perk?

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Set Up an Amazon Affiliate Store

Amazon’s affiliate program is simple and free to join. If you own a website or even just a personal portfolio, setting up an affiliate store is a great way to generate passive income with little effort on your part. Amazon has some strict rules about how much you can earn through its affiliates program, so be sure that you read all of its guidelines before starting your site.


Post on Craigslist

A great way to make a few bucks is by using sites like Craigslist. The trick is to post in areas that have a lot of people who need work done, but don’t expect payment for it (i.e., try gigs or human interest). So far, I haven’t met anyone on Craigslist who will pay you what you’re worth.

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Earn From YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing site on internet. By making interesting videos and putting them on YouTube, you can increase your reach and visibility significantly. The cool thing about YouTube is that you don’t have to be a popular brand or face (like with TV) in order for people to watch your videos.


Sell Clothing and Accessories

Start with your own wardrobe; whether you decide to trade in your current clothes or sell new items, consider turning some of your clothing into cash by hosting a sale. Hold a clothing swap at your house, invite friends over and ask them to each bring a few items they’re looking to get rid of. Or use an app like Poshmark or Tradesy that turns your closet into an online store – all you have to do is upload pictures of your clothes and accessories using their app.


Upload Software, Games and Other Items

One way you can use your computer to make money is by uploading software, games and other items on the internet. This is especially true if you live in a country where such downloads are blocked or cost more. You could do it as a side business idea and spend just an hour or two each day doing it.

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Do some Freelance Writing

Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, it can be easy to write and sell simple articles, such as product reviews. The key is knowing where to find good products and customers. For example, if you take a few hours searching Google for terms like top ten earbuds under $50 (and pay attention to which earbuds are at or near #1), that can lead you to some fast affiliate sales in Amazon or other e-commerce sites. Similarly, checking prices on Jet and Flynns allows me to pick up some cheap clothing and accessories that I then resell on eBay for twice what I paid.


Online Tutoring / Teaching Jobs

Teachers can supplement their income by teaching online with Varsity Tutors. To get started, simply set up a profile at Varsity Tutors and apply for a client. It doesn’t cost anything to do so and clients are willing to pay $25-$35 an hour for tutoring jobs from qualified professionals. Teachers can log on at any time during a school day (or night) and work as much or as little as they’d like. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it! Read more about earning potential here.


Sell stuff on eBay

Sell anything you no longer need or use. (If it’s really nice, consider listing it on Etsy.) You’ll be surprised at how much money you can make—if you know what your stuff is worth. List items at a reasonable price and be honest about their condition; if they don’t sell, try lowering your prices or changing your approach. Find out what kind of fees eBay charges before listing an item, as selling items that cost more than $10 may cost you a small fee per transaction. You can also get great deals on used clothing and other household items by visiting local thrift stores and garage sales—and don’t forget to check out free section of Craigslist, where almost anything goes for free!

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Rent Out your Place on Airbnb

Home-sharing service Airbnb is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s a great way to make some extra money with your place. If you’re an outgoing host who loves meeting new people, you could easily turn your home into a cozy little bed-and-breakfast. (Just know that there are some rules and regulations to follow if you decide to go that route.) You can also rent out time in your car, whether you’re going on a road trip or running errands locally. Plus, if you live in certain areas and meet certain criteria, you can even get reimbursed for your expenses.


Write a Book

When you write a book, you are selling your ideas and expertise in an organized fashion. The important thing is that you have something to say that people will find valuable. Once you have identified an audience, or niche market (the type of people who will read your book), then decide what it is that they need/want, and then develop and organize your material into a cohesive and meaningful format for those readers. In other words, take into consideration what question(s) your readers want answered. Are there gaps in their knowledge? What can you teach them? When should they act? How should they act? Once you know all of these things, it is simply a matter of writing down everything that pops into your head with regard to how best to deliver answers.



earning money is not that hard, but only if you know how. In fact, it’s probably easier than you might think and there are plenty of different ways for people from all backgrounds, ages and skill levels to start earning some additional income. The first step is learning what your options are and then identifying opportunities that match your interest.

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