Backlinks, or a linkback, is a link from another website that directs traffic to your site. In the past, generating links was more of an art than a science; you’d write high-quality content and hope that some other sites would want to reference it. These days, this is often still the case; however, there are also link building strategies you can use to grow your backlinks in a more systematic fashion. Here are five simple ways to generate free backlinks that you can use today.


Step 1 – Pick your platform

Before you go around trying to earn free backlinks, decide what your platform is going to be. If you’re already a recognized name in your industry, that might work in your favor. However, if you’re a new blogger or want to change up how people see you, it might be better for you to start with a simple guest post on another site. Build up your presence there and gain some momentum before branching out into bigger, more permanent projects later on.


Step 2 – Write the perfect landing page

Finding someone who’s already linking to content relevant to your site isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have links already. That’s why, when it comes time for you and your sales team to actually sell something, you need a landing page that makes it easy for interested customers. Using free software like WordPress or Wix will help make sure your landing page is perfect. Because if you want customers, you’re going to need a place for them to go and an easy way for them get there… You can also look into using paid marketing tools like KickoffLabs. This tool lets you quickly create high-converting landing pages on a budget by allowing you test different designs and see which ones convert best. Here’s what I mean


Step 3 – Build relationships with influencers

In order to get links from influencers, you need to have a strong relationship with them. So, step number three of free backlinks generation is creating relationships. This means that you should target people with an audience and influence that you want for your product or service. You can find influencers by searching for relevant terms on Google and getting into forums related to your topic. Try a tool like BuzzSumo as well; it has some great functionality built-in that will help you see what content has performed well over time and who shared it. Once you start contacting these people and building relationships, they’ll be much more likely to want to share what they’ve written about.


Step 4 – Reach out directly to your target audience

If you’re able to come up with a good title, first sentence and description for your piece of content, it’s time to reach out directly to people who will be interested in reading it. This is called reaching out directly or outreach. There are many different methods and tools available for doing outreach on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However, if you’re going for quality links over quantity (which I highly recommend), Google+ is really where most of your effort should be spent. Why?


Step 5 – Promote yourself without being spammy

To make sure you’re not spammy, be sure that everything you’re sharing is highly relevant and useful. Once you start sharing things other than your own content, think of it like sharing a friend’s status update versus posting a random ad. It shouldn’t feel salesy, and if it does, then take a step back. Make sure that what you’re posting will be interesting and helpful for people in your industry. That way you can share something without being spammy! If someone else did a great job sharing your content, be sure to mention them so they’ll share more of yours!



How does PR affect my website? Well, for starters, when you receive a write-up from a reputable news source, it’s called backlinking. Whenever you get a mention on another site—whether that means you get quoted or your company is listed as a resource—you’re generating backlinks. And that’s important because Google values them; they help determine how high up your business ranks on their search engine results pages (SERPs). As such, PR can help you grow sales: The more backlinks, the higher Google ranks your website and the more people are likely to click on it.

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