The twins were born on 23rd May 2018 and they’re currently in Baby class

The twins celebration is a huge success! They have such a great time and everyone seem to enjoy themselves! They MUST be so excited to see all of their friends and family and they got to dance the night away! They’re so happy and it is such a joy to see them so happy!

Twins are a lot of fun and they give you twice the love. They also cause twice the work and twice the chaos. That’s why there was no way I was going to miss their birthday party, which by the way they had planned to the minute! I was excited to see the look on their faces when they opened the gifts. The twins are a great Gift from God


Daddy message to the May king’s.

Dear lovely sons, Wasswa and Kato. Your mom was so awesome, one child just wouldn’t do the trick! Having two boys sounded like trouble, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy belated birthday to you my boy-twins, I love you so much!

Let’s always make 23rd May, memorable!

Loving Dad,

Ssaalongo Ssaazi Edward – “The Young Adult.”

A mom’s message to the kings 


  • My boys, my twins my sons – Kato Ryan Ssaazi and Wasswa Ryam Ssaazi. Every 23rd May, I recall the labour pain I realised at the hour 3:16am and the joy I experienced after confirming a pair of two bouncing baby boys. Your dad was happier to the fullest, you changed our names and I added ‘Nnaalongo’  as well as your beloved dad, added Ssaalongo’,  hence Nnaalongo Kisakye Joan and Ssaalongo Ssaazi Edward.  I’m proud of you and your dad too.

You’re wise and wise, may God bless you always.

Happy birthday, ‘obupuuna‘ bwa Mummy!

Birthday wishes from the Aunties.

Dear Ryan and Ryam, congratulations 🎉 👏 upon making it in life. Happy successful 4 years, we just want to wish you the best on the Earth and letting you know that you’ll ever receive the best from us.

More blessin’s as you continue to live, we just wish you the best among all

Lovely aunties:

Nakasaabo Stellah

Nabakooza Resty

Deep Birthday Wishes for you my gran-Twins!


May God continue to bless you my two wonderful angels ( Kato Ryan Ssaazi & Wasswa Ryam Ssaazi). He sent you into this world to make wonders, one of which ‘you’re the most celebrated young kids’  – you are celebrities to everyone here at home and the entire social media fraternity, because everywhere I log-in, I find your cute pics trending. I guess everyone out there may wish to shower blessings on you and enjoy the day with laughter.

Hey buddies, you’re crazy and comic! I LOVE IT.

Blow more candles🎂

Birthday Wishes for Twins from your lovely gran.

Nantongo Resty – Maama Siite.

A Happy Birthday Wish to Twins

Now that you are twins, you are sure to have a lot of fun. You will have lots of new experiences and new friends. You will be able to do everything together. You will also have a lot of fun with your friends. They will be able to see how close you are and how much fun you have together. Being twins is a wonderful experience and you should enjoy it.



Gift Ideas

Twins are a special blessing in life and they are definitely a great gift to receive. There are many ways to celebrate the arrival of twins and many different gifts to give. You can give the twins a gift that is personal to them, such as a photo album, or a gift that is practical, such as a baby quilt. You can also give them a gift that is fun and entertaining, such as a new board game. It’s important to think about what the twins like and what they will appreciate.

For gifts reach 👉: WhatsApp


Happy birthday our Heroes.



A happy birthday wish to twins. “Twins are not just born, they are made. And the time of your birth is the time you take your first step towards your own unique path.” This is a happy birthday wish to twins.

The best birthday wishes are often the simplest ones. It is a true pleasure to congratulate a couple on the birth of twins. Such a momentous event deserves nothing less than a heartfelt celebration. You can make a birthday wish to twins by sending them a card or a gift.






8 thoughts on “Kato Ryan Ssaazi and Wasswa Ryam Ssaazi cracking 4”
  1. With the help of God’s hand I appreciate your work done towards your twin boys thanks dia, I pray that God gives you knowledge, courage and wisdom that comes from above for them to reach what you want them to be, happy birthday baby twins I love you 🧁🧁🧁🧁

  2. Hey I am so good to go
    As I want to let you know
    That I am happy as its your birthday
    Its a extra special day
    it’s your birthday!
    So have an amazing day!
    Stay blessed! ba twins ba ssazzi, aunt sophie loves u nnyo nnyo

  3. Happy birthday, my ninjas
    WASSWA and KATO.
    My name sakes; *Ssaazi*.
    I pray that God grant you health, wealth and wisdom and not forgetting that we have to make it, like we usually share.

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