Many people think they know what love means, but the truth is that you don’t know love until you’ve truly experienced it for yourself. Love can be a feeling of care and affection that you experience when someone else does something thoughtful or kind, but this isn’t the type of love that truly matters in life. A person can feel this type of love for his parents, siblings, friends and even pets, but this doesn’t mean he knows what it feels like to truly love someone romantically.


6 Things You Need To Know About True Love

We’ve all heard about love. We’ve read countless books, watched countless movies, and listened to countless songs. While we all have a good idea of what love is, there are plenty who feel like they don’t know much about it beyond that. In reality, true love isn’t something you can just understand or define in an easy sentence. So today we wanted to take some time to explore exactly what it means to truly love someone—and how you can make sure your relationship never fades away. If you really want your relationship with someone special to be filled with amazing memories and last forever, then stick around and check out these six things you need to know about true love!


True love is unconditional

There is nothing you can do that will cause your love interest to stop loving you—even if it’s something hurtful or embarrassing. While people sometimes think that love means feeling loved when someone does something we like, true love really comes from putting others before yourself and caring for them no matter what. You don’t need a reason to be nice or kind; you just need to have a heart full of love.


Acceptance is key

One of the most important parts of love is being open and accepting someone for who they are. Accepting your partner means not blaming them for things that go wrong or trying to change them, but rather embracing their flaws and imperfections as part of what makes them unique. Don’t like your partner’s hobbies? Get involved in them, ask questions about why they enjoy what they do, be curious about their past experiences with it. Acceptance is key to making a loving relationship work.


Work as a team

Being in a romantic relationship is difficult enough as it is—but add to that, being in a long-distance relationship. If you and your significant other live hours apart, your relationship will only be strengthened if you work together. In order for a long-distance relationship to succeed, both partners must put effort into making it work. Both parties must communicate openly about how they feel and what they want from their partner.


Love isn’t perfect

Falling in love is easy, but falling in love with someone who loves you back can be quite challenging. Loving someone means more than being supportive and having things in common; it also means accepting your partner for all that they are, and respecting their choices regardless of whether or not you agree with them. It’s about enjoying one another’s company and having fun together. Above all else, loving someone means making sacrifices for their happiness, even if it means sacrificing your own at times.


Healthy boundaries

Setting boundaries is a critical part of having a healthy relationship. Establishing boundaries allows us to communicate what we need and what we’re willing to give. Sometimes, when people are in relationships where there are no clear boundaries, it can feel like you’re being pulled along like a rag doll. Boundaries allow us control over our lives and relationships—for good or for bad—so set them! You won’t regret it.


Communication is key

Communication is important in any relationship, but it’s especially crucial when you’re in love. Part of what makes falling in love so exhilarating is that sense of intimacy and connectedness you have with your partner. Still, because two different people are involved—each with their own opinions, thoughts, feelings and expectations—you must find a way to share those ideas and emotions with each other.

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