When you’re looking to use an assistant in the virtual world, one of the most popular choices out there right now is Siri by Apple. She’s been around since 2011, so her reputation precedes her, but what makes her so special? Here are 10 reasons why she’s the best virtual assistant out there right now and why you should use her over all the others out there.

Built in Apple devices

Apple users don’t even have to install an app or software to use Siri—it’s baked right into their devices. Simply hold down the home button and say what you need to search for, and Apple’s genius assistant will serve up answers on-the-go. It might take a few tries before you figure out just how fast your words must be, but once it catches on, you’ll never want to use any other computerized helper again. Some people may be scared off by all of those recent privacy concerns that came with Apple’s latest update, but for some of us, we think we can trust Apple to keep our information safe… at least until they introduce something better than Siri!


Easy to use

Much of Siri’s convenience comes from its ability to understand speech. As you might expect, though, it’s not 100 percent accurate all of the time. And if your accent doesn’t match a particular region or dialect, you may find that your iPhone makes mistakes with what you say. Still, for most people, taking advantage of Siri usually means saving yourself a few seconds here and there—and that can quickly add up over time. A few seconds saved when pulling up directions might mean not sitting in traffic as long. A few seconds saved when searching for information online means less time spent sifting through search results and more information seen in less time overall.


Voice activated

Launched in 2011, Apple’s personal digital assistant service Siri allows you to control your smartphone hands-free. All you have to do is say Hey, Siri! and ask her anything you want. For example, if you want to know how much an item costs on Amazon, all you have to do is say Hey,Siri! What’s The Price of (fill in item) on Amazon. or if you are looking for something particular from your phone then just ask Hey,Siri and she will help make it happen!



The first thing to love about Siri is that it’s flexible and customizable. While you can use it for pretty much everything, you can also allow it to make judgment calls. For example, if you like your coffee with one sugar and your boyfriend likes his black, you can have Siri make separate orders each time. Also, if pick up some groceries isn’t specific enough, try how about some eggs and bread? The more specific information you add, however mundane or strange it may seem to be asking a machine for said info (or doing so via text), the more customized results you will receive.


Local search optimization

When you search for best sushi in New York City, it’s unlikely that Apple will be one of your top results. However, as many as 50 percent of all searches are location-based. This means that a strong local search optimization strategy will take you much further than traditional SEO tactics.


Search algorithms

Every so often you’ll use a service and wish you could search within it. If only that service used Google’s search algorithms, then you’d be able to find what you’re looking for without leaving its confines. Most services stick with their own algorithms because they want to maximize traffic for their own sites, but that means you might need to spend 10 minutes digging through Yelp reviews before finding a decent Indian restaurant in your area. Don’t bother with any of that—just save Google’s mobile app on your home screen, open it up and ask away. You’ll get direct answers from Google’s powerful search algorithm (no Yelp required) even if you have spotty service or no data connection at all.


The future of artificial intelligence and voice-activated products

As companies continue to develop more AI-driven products, it’s important to understand what makes one AI better than another. Today, voice-activated technology offers a unique advantage to consumers because it allows users to interact with their devices hands-free—but it can be hard for regular people (read: non-geeks) to decipher exactly what they’re getting when they purchase or download a new app. Do you want your virtual assistant or digital home appliance to have search capabilities? Can your product translate conversations between languages in real time? It may take some research on your part, but gaining knowledge about how AI works can help you figure out which features are most important and help you decide if a product will work for you.

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